Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Website: http://www.transparentlifephotos.com/

Blog: http://www.transparentlifephotos.com/blog/

Thank you for reading here, and I hope you continue to follow me at my new blog!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New website and blog!

I'm really excited, as I am creating a new blog and website! This above will be the front page. There are all sorts of sections (portfolio, about me, pricing, etc).

I'm also changing the name from "Beauty of the Mundane Photography" to "Transparent Life Photography".

This is the explanation why:

"As I began to think through who I am and what I do, I began to think about authenticity.

Authenticity, in my own personal life, is very important. I believe that we must be real with ourselves and our community. In my photography, I want to be real too. I want to be transparent not only with my family and close friends, but with my clients as well. That is where the word 'transparent' comes from.

Life is an amazing thing. What is even more amazing, is the chance to catch a small glimpse of it through a picture. A picture can reveal much about a person's life. It can reveal pure happiness and it can also show much pain and tragic loss. Emotions flow out of pictures and I get to capture that all on camera. That's why I am a 'life'style photographer. I enjoy life. And I want people to remember special moments with their children, with their new spouse or just an ordinary day with their family. It is important.

So that is who I am.

A transparent person, who enjoys life and wants to show the beauty of yours."

I should have the website up by the end of the week with everything loaded, so be watching out for the link to follow me!

See you soon!