Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Time

This is my little sister. Isn't she gorgeous?

Fortunately, my little sister doesn't mind posing for me!!!

This is my mom's banana split cake. Before she added the nuts, I took a picture of them waiting to be tossed over the cake in the background.
There is me. Josh took some (he took more than just "some") pictures with my camera.
It's a family tradition of mine that we play some sort of game after lunch/dinner. Most of the time we play dominos, specifically, Amtrak. It's fun! We get very competitive.

There is my goofy husband with his "fat" domino. We call this domino the fatso because it's worth 18 points. That's a lot to get stuck with.
And last but not least, my lovely guitar. I thought, why not take some pictures of it?

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ExNihilo said...

Ashley - thanks for the link!

While it is apparent that you are new to photography (i.e. lighting issues, etc) you have a great eye that is showing up already in your composition... solid stuff.